About Us

About us


With the advancement and increase in the number of subjects, courses and fields that are offered today students requirements for education counselling have increased by leaps and bounds.
Future Secure Consultant was established in 2008 in the UK inaugurated by Shahbaz Yousaf. Mr. Yousaf the director of FSC is British Council and ICEF trained agent counsellor. All the staff hired by FSC is qualified and well trained from the UK. He himself is available for providing counselling services to students. We recruit students from the markets of Pakistan, UK, UAE, Bangladesh and India.
The Pakistan Lahore branch office was opened in mid of 2009 inaugurated by Mr. Shahbaz Yousaf and Faraz Alamgir.
In the beginning, FSC recruited its first batch of around 50 students from Pakistan to the UK in early 2010. After the first successful batch, the second batch of around 60 students was sent to UK and Australia in late 2010.
In 2012, the company decided to provide immigration counselling services like HSMP, work permit, business visas and spouse or settlement applications for countries like UK, Australia, Canada & Ireland. The first batch of immigration cases was dealt by the company successfully in late 2012.
In 2013 FSC expanded its network of business and start working for education institutions at all around the world including the areas of Europe and Asia.
In 2014, we recruited our first batch of around 45 students to different countries of Europe and Asia. There have been many cases where our students have been granted job opportunities in the best known multi-national companies all around the world upon completion of their courses at abroad which is a great success for us.


Until now, the company have been successfully recruiting students to worldwide leading education provider countries (UK, Australia, Canada & Europe) from the market we operate our business UK, Pakistan, India & Bangladesh and dealing with immigration cases as well. Right now the company is dealing most with Education counselling services by helping prospective students for developing their future career.

Recently, the company has introduced a number of scholarship opportunities for brilliant and intelligent students. We try our level best to provide our students with best opportunities for them. So far, we have been successful in recruiting more than 20 students on scholarship basis since February 2015.


If we talk about future of FSC we can proudly say that company is growing every day, month and year; successfully bringing new options for the quality international students. Very soon the company will be inaugurating its branch office in Islamabad & Faisalabad.

We believe if students are guided properly and provided with the best options according to their academic background then that day will not be far when every country would be happy to proudly Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian and Arab students on a large scale.